brings you offers


sticky notes

share photos

unlimited storage

solo or with friends

with patented Viewing Position technology

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meet hexsee

social shopping

brings you offers
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based on what you're looking at

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social sticky notes

web and photo

  • sticky chat

  • finger draw

  • emojis

  • stickers

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  1. we don't share or sell your data

  2. NO geo/IP/device tracking

  3. DuckDuckGo search - no tracking

  4. Private channels


what is hexsee?

an app   100% free


social and shopping that brings you deals

browse the web

in channels - groups in shared tabs!

drag and drop share button

sticky message threads anywhere 

add photos

make finger drawings 

brings you news


how to hexsee

One - download the app and register

Two - the hexsee app opens at the home screen showing channels, which are like tabs

hit a channel to surf in it (or press the globe to return to the channel you were last in)


hexsee creates a couple of default channels to get you started.  Your 'solo' channel is for you only; nobody else can see what you do

quick start
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Three - in the browser screen, you have usual browser controls.  the default search is duckduckgo which is non-tracking

the channel header gives you information about the channel you're in.  if you're the leader you can add people.  pressing the camera icon let's you add images

drag and drop the hexsee share button and..

the share dialog box starts a new sticky note, you can pin the note in the current channel, a different one or in a new channel.  

if you don't want to share your notes with anyone, use a private channel and don't invite anybody

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use the channel header to see the channel history...

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PRIVACY POLICY: 1. Unlike social web sites (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.), we do not share or sell your personal or activity data with third parties.  2. Data you put into hexsee remains yours.  3. We use your data to bring you relevant news and offers.  4. We don't use cookies, that's our policy (although web sites you visit using our browser may).  5. Our default search is DuckDuckGo which dos not track you - period