To join a channel - find in the channel view (home screen) and press.  

On the home screen, channel thumbnails include latest message in that channel

When you join a channel for the first time you get the option to go back.  To see who the other channel members press the channel name

You can mute other users.  Just press the speaker symbol against their name and the mute is applied to all channels.  Access this setting either by pressing the channel name on the home screen (my hexsee) or the hexagon in the channel header (browser view)

Only a channel leader (creator) can add member.  Do this from the channel header.  You can search your friends list search or type in their email.  

Importing contacts.  You can do this from the home screen hamburger menu under "Friends"

Public channels work like like private but anyone can join them as a follower.  Public channels are not like Twitter, though, followers cannot post to the channel, only members invited by the leader.

Channel search.  The home screen search field finds on a) channel name, b) channel member first & last names or email and c) any message thread text

Once you've pressed send, you can't change your message/reply

To send a pin (message thread) to different channel press To: button after dropping the hexsee share button.  Scroll down list of existing channels/friends and press to select or press the new channel button.  Example, you're shopping in a channel with a couple of friends and see something your Mom would be interested in - simply drop the hexsee share button, press To: and select the channel with your Mom.  She will get a notification and when she presses it the web page will open and scroll to your pin (message thread).


You drag and dropped the hexsee share button but didn't like the location? Long press & drag to reposition before you send.  The screen snippet will update automatically.

To change the sticker type (to heart, cross or none) press on heart in new pin , select heart cross or no sticker

To finger draw press on squiggle

Making a New Channel, press on To: and press New channel.  Notes: a) New channel name is autopopulated from web page name, can edit.  b) New channel defaults to public, can change to private, c) Public channels must select an interest (so we can suggest relevant to other users) d) to add members select from list of friends or type email.  Omit step if solo

Unread Notifications:  Top of screen (both views).  Count in bell - press bell to see list.  Press message to jump to browser view of it, press reply to respond without jumping to it, Swipe message left to dismiss

In browser view press camera to add photo or stored image.  Stored as web page.  Once captured, complete pin to send message about.

In browser view press hexagon speech bubble to see Channel Pin list.  Scroll down, jump to or quick replay same like unread notifications.

Browser operation.  Normal omnibox + long press back and forward arrows bring up web page history list for current channel + chain links copies deep link for channel so can paste to emails etc. + pages symbol enables quick switch to recent open channels

Open/close pins

Text entry can use microphone and emojis per keyboard

Import G+ and iphone Contacts as friends.  Either when prompted or my hexsee then hamburger menu then friends.  You can select which contacts to add before starting the import.

Solo channel always private.  As is any private channel you create that you don't add anyone else to.  TO find solo enter solo in my hexsee search box

Num channels is unlimited

You & Friends channel.  System created and all your friends are automatically added.  Pin in this channel to notify them all.

A friend is made of all members of any channel you join.  To preview who are members before you join press on channel name in channel view.

Muting.  Will not see in any channel.

Suggested channels.  Based on interests

Favorite channels

Profile and settings screens

Why is reply greyed out?  Probably because you are a channel follower, not a member

Long press HELP

Report content, press and hold pin text.